Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beachside Treasures Treasure Hunt Winners!

I want to thank everyone who entered, sent their friends and family to us to enter, and also for following my blog (and for those who do, the extra entry helped a couple of you win!). I also want to thank all the wonderful sponsors who participated!  You guys are fantastic and I hope you got many fans out of this!

Now, before I list the winners, I just want to mention a couple things.  First, if you didn't win, PLEASE don't go back "unliking" the sponsors.  They worked hard to get fans, donated some amazing prizes, and from what I know about them, are quite into the whole giveaway thing.  So if you "unlike" them, you'll never know when they are doing another giveaway!  And obviously you wanted something from them in the first place, so why not later too?  :)  Second, please keep sending friends and family our never know when those referrals will come in handy later on down the road (you can even click on the sponsors names below to go directly to their shops!).  Finally, and most important, if you won, make sure that you comment on this post within 24 hours to claim your prize!

Okay, so the moment we've all been waiting for...the winners are:
All You Need Designs: HMH Kaufman
Precious Elaine Boutique: Kortni Gaffney Machell Duke Betti Rod
Marianne McCarthy - Independent Partylite Consultant: Darlene Arnold
Beachside Treasures: Tracy Shaffer
My Lovebug Baby: Ciara Weaver
Sunflower Touch Supply: Zoe Hunter Lee
Northern Hearts Accessories: Laura Katzenbach  Janis Rogers Lauren Wigginton.
Buddi's Thirty-One Gifts: Brenda Bergin
The Bitsy Beau: Jean Young
Up On The Roof Farm: Barbara Claxton
Thirty-One Gifts Ami: Lauren Wigginton
Sumthing Purdy: Janet Wallack
Spirited Sweets: LaNette Beck
Heart Treasures Boutique: Ivonna Freeman
Beachside Treasures Surprise Referral Prize: Hannah Eckman

So again, if you won, please comment on this post within 24 hours that you are claiming your prize.  Once you claim it, I will send an email to the sponsor of your prize with your email address so they can contact you to get any details needed to make and/or send you your prize.

Again, congrats to all the winners, and to everyone else...Thanks and keep watching!  You never know when the next giveaway may be!


Anonymous said...

Claiming my prize!! Thank you for holding this giveaway and to all the people who donated!!

Lauren Wigginton

sumthingpurdy said...

Congrats to all the winners! (I will keep telling myself that maybe next time I will win something) lol

Meg Grant said...

I wish I could have kept all the prizes...but that would have seemed a bit fishy if no one actually won anything. :)

Anonymous said...

Hannah Eckman is Actually MALIKA LIGGINS CHEATING! She has been dooing this for some time now and doesnt deserve a prize!

Meg Grant said...

I'm sorry you feel that way, but she got the most referrals, and it was open to anyone (whether you are a business, person, sponsor, etc) so I'm not quite sure how she could have cheated.

Brenda Bergin said...

thrilled to have won a prize..looking forward to you doing a repeat competition sometime..ty..

Anonymous said...

So excited to have won. Thanks!

Barbara Claxon

SummerSorbet said...

I am claiming my prize. I won from the party-lite giveaway. Can't wait.
~Darlene Arnold

Anonymous said...

"I wish I could have kept all the prizes...but that would have seemed a bit fishy if no one actually won anything. :)"

I was thinking the same thing about my giveaway prizes lol!

Congrats to the winners!

~Alysa Zentz Sawyer @ Heart Treasures Boutique

Hannah Eckman said...

Hello! (: this is Hannah Eckman I do not appreciate people telling me that I am malika liggin ! I am not a cheater I do not know what to do to prove myself of this.!!!! I t is making me quite upset! Please dont criticiz other people if you do not know the facts! I am here to claim my prize as Hannah Eckman and a resident in Massachusetts Who is a proud resident! Please do not accuse me of being someone else!

Barbara Claxon said...

This is my 3rd attempt to leave a message to claim my prize. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Claiming my bookmark

HMH Kaufman

Tracy said...

Woo-hoo! I won! So exciting! This is me officially claiming my prize! Thank you for the giveaway! ~Tracy Shaffer

Jean Young said...

i contacted the bitsy beau yesterday to claim my prize. she replied, but i'm still waiting on an email from her. thank you so much for hosting this great giveaway! :)

zoe hunter lee said...

I wrote underneath the photo, but I am here to claim my prize..the cute lil bag, thanks so much...

Zoe Hunter Lee

Ciara Weaver said...

Ready to claim my prize! My e-mail is ragimuff @ gmail . com

Meg Grant said...

Zoe: I saw that and already sent your info to the sponsor, so you should hear from her soon.

Congrats to everyone! You should be hearing from your sponsors soon. If you don't, let me know and I will follow up with them.

Ivonna said...

Finally I can post and claim my prize from Heart Treasure Boutique. My facbook e-mail is flitr@hotmail and follow the blog under my gmail account gforce528. Thank you for the giveaway. My computer was messed up.

BekkaAZ said...

I was contacted by Spirited Sweets, she said the winner never claimed her prize and that you did a redraw and I'm the winner (Rebekka Sordiff). Thank you so very much :)

Lauren Wigginton said...

Here to claim my prize from Northern Hearts Accessories!!

Lauren Wigginton

Thank you so much!!!

Precious Elaine's Mommy said...

Wow, I'm kind of hurt no one wants to claim my prize. :(

lol Oh well, I hope someone does claim it soon! I had an awesome time as part of this!

Precious Elaine Boutique

Meg Grant said...

I am amazed yours hasn't been claimed with all the comments that your skirt has gotten. I think people just aren't checking past the initial win. Bc it really is adorable!

Betty Rood ~nannato5 said...

i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo claiming!!!!!!!see what happens with a hosehold full of it!!!!
alwaysatryin2 at