Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Buddy the Elf. What's Your Favorite Color?

So, as I prepare for Buddy to return, I figured I'd post pictures of all his little escapades from the past 2 years that have only appeared on my Pinterest or Instagram page to help all the other families with some great (and probably sometimes a bit inappropriate) ideas for their Elf on a Shelf.


 Stocking Stuffer Elf
 Hiding on the top bunk...whatever did he do?
 Ahhh, gave Connor a kitty cat face.
 Hairdresser elf
 Sack races
 Buddy felt left out, so put himself into the family photos

 Teaching barbie how to play putt putt golf
 Got to get into shape
 A little light bathroom reading
Someone needs to stop making Buddy angry!
 Buddy has been frozen...
Han Solo style!

Fishing for goldfish
Riding with the big dogs
Taken captive
Time to grow some magical candy canes
Uh oh, someone didn't behave, so the magic didn't work
much better!
Day at the beach

a little climbing
band practice
bubble bath time with barbie
Alligator wrangling
toasting some marshmallows
1st night of Chanukah, so Buddy had to get into the spirit of things
fire rescue
pool shark Buddy
he found the candy bowl
story time
positive encouragement
protecting the house while we were gone

dreaming of a visit to the happiest place on earth
stealing the baby's swing
shooting some hoops with Larry Bird
Connor's note to Buddy
Snow Angels
Cars sleigh
He found his true love
a little artistic photoshopping
partied too hard with Mrs. Buttersworth on his last night