Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Party planner...padded cell for one?

So, somehow with all our family and majority of friends living in South Florida or Atlanta, we are having three birthday parties for Connor's 3rd birthday. Makes sense. To a crazy person! First will be one here in town for for him & his best friend Hannah (whose bday is a week before). We're going to have a bounce house and everything. And since I have become a Cake Boss/Ace of Cakes fan, of course I plan on making a cake for each of them. And not just any cake. Cakes those shows would be proud of (or at least I hope so). I also tested my self taught graphic designer skills, and made a kick ass invitation (see photo) from scratch. Using Photoshop, I cropped, lassoed, erased, cloned, and every other -ed I could think of to create said masterpiece. So one down, 2 to go. Plus make 3 cakes back to back, get decorations, make food, put together party goodie bags, etc all while doing my normal routine of Mommy/Chef/Jewelry maker/Cleaning lady/Teacher/etc. So wish me luck, and if all goes well, you'll here from me soon. Otherwise, check out the nearest padded cell.

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