Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spirited Sweets...oh how I love you!

Oh my goodness, I think I have died and gone to heaven. Recently I was so lucky as to win something in the Savvy Spending Mammas 1000 fan giveaway. Little did I know how lucky I was. Today, sitting so innocently on my front door step, was a package from Spirited Sweets. It was advertised as a cake in a jar, with flavors you would find in mixed drinks. The two flavors I won were Chocolate Martini and Strawberry Daiquiri. I opened my package to find two jars adorably topped with timely heart fabric, and the first thing I noticed was they have expiration dates on them. Great idea if I was actually going to give them away as gifts, or order a bunch and store them for when I needed them. Yet, as today was a rough one with my son, expiration dates were not needed. I couldn't open the Chocolate Martini one fast enough. I took my first bite, and needless to say, it was so good next thing I knew it was gone. Good thing my husband doesn't like chocolate, cause there was nothing left of it for him to sample. He does, however, love strawberry so I'll be nice and try to wait on him to "taste" (read: devour) the Strawberry Daiquiri one. So if you are looking for the perfect thing to get someone, especially someone who needs a little pick-me-up, these are the ones to get. I recommend ordering a bunch, keep them in your pantry, and that way when a friend (or you) has a really rough day, you can give this to them and make their day instantly brighter. I know it made my day better. :)


Savvy Spending Mommas! said...

That's too cute! I'm glad you got to enjoy them and that they were sooo yummy. (And, of course, that you won them in our giveaway ;))


Katie Longer Dixon said...

This made my night! So glad they came quickly and that you enjoyed it. Thanks Meg!

Meg Grant said...

Please Katie, they made my night! After the day I had today, the only thing better may have been a real chocolate martini. But, with the hubby out of town, I have to be responsible in case of emergency so this was a great next best thing. Thanks again!