Wednesday, February 9, 2011

January Giveaway Take 5!!!!

Wow is this just getting silly!  I am on to the 5th choice...and the sad thing is I personally know a few who won and know they are always on Facebook, so I'm kind of shocked it has taken this long to get a winner.  But that just shows how fair I am as I have not contacted anyone personally to tell them they won.  Everyone gets treated the same here!  :)  Once again, if you won, you have 24 hours to claim your prize by emailing me at  Good Luck!

The newest winner is...Beth Mason!  Congrats and hope to hear from you asap!


Lona said...

Congratulations, Beth! (Really, I do have a life.)

Meg Grant said...

I do I (which is one of the reasons I'd really love for a winner to come forward, or at least for to pick someone who is paying attention to this craziness!). Plus, it's hard to post my normal stuff on here b/c I don't want the winner info to get lost in the shuffle. So I may just have to post a whole bunch of recipes etc once a winner is finally confirmed!