Thursday, February 10, 2011

We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off...To have a Good Time (uh huh)

Today, while waiting for my new glasses to be ready, I decided to let my son burn off some steam at the mall playground.  So he's running around having a blast, going thru the tunnels, up and down the slide.  And let me preface this with I am not one of the moms who sit there reading or ignoring their kid.  I watch him like a hawk.  So I hear some of the parents laughing hysterically and one says "Uh oh, Someone's kid is naked".  I shut my eyes, prayed "Please don't let it be mine, please don't let it be mine, please don't let it be mine" opened them up, and guess whose kid it was.  Yup.  Mine.  In the time it took him to crawl thru a 2 foot tunnel, he had taken his pants and underwear off, and went streaking thru the playground area with me running behind trying to get him dressed.

Now, this has been an ongoing problem lately.  Thankfully it is the first time in public, yet it seems every time I have someone at my house to do work (we are currently trying to sell our house and have been replacing some things) and I leave him alone for 30 seconds to see what the repair person needs, he comes running behind me pantsless.  I then have to juggle talking to the (now embarrassed) repair person while trying to convince Connor to put his pants back on.  One time I even had to sit on him to put his underwear back on while the repair guy was explaining my new cable box to me. 

All these occurrences make me worry that my son will either end up like the guy from Jackass, ripping his pants off at any given moment, or like Will Ferrell's character Frank the Tank streaking the quad (which living in a college town is all too possible).  So I'd love to hear from other mothers...did you go thru this as well?  Will it pass?  Do you want to share your story so I don't feel so mortified?

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