Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Giveaway

Welcome everyone to the Beachside Treasures January Giveaway.  The moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here!  Thanks to everyone who entered, and a special thanks to those of you who pushed all your friends and family to enter (such as Tyler Clark, Sara Deux, EtsyMoms, and Savvy Spending Mammas).  Hopefully everyone will continue to watch our page and continue to refer people to us since this is only the beginning of many giveaways we will do throughout the year.  Also, we will constantly post coupons, weekly specials, etc for our friends/family/fans only.  Also, I'd love for you to follow this blog.  Don't worry, there is rarely any sales stuff on here... pretty much only when I do a giveaway and have to post winners here due to silly Facebook rules.  This site is primarily dedicated to family oriented things, such as free recipes, family crafts, silly mommy quotes and stories, and weekly funny kid photos (that are selected from ones posted by my readers on my Flickr group Silly Kids). 

So, this is how it works.  I have created a document on google docs (which you can view here and verify what number everyone is, and that no one was entered after the drawing ended).  Next I went on Random.org and had a number generated, which is the one you are about to see in a screen shot so you know I really had no control over who won.  Whoever won has until February 3rd at midnight EST to email me at meg@beachsidetreasures.com with their name, shipping address (because if I don't know where to send it, how can you get your prize?), and color choice (the photos and choices are posted on the wall of the facebook page, but if you have any questions, of course just ask).  If the winner doesn't respond, I go back to random.org and generate a new number, and post again.  So you know the giveaway is over (so you don't have to keep coming here and checking) I will post something on Facebook letting everyone know that the winner has replied.  Simple, right?

***Okay, so here goes...who did random.org choose to be the winner of the Beachside Treasures January Giveaway?  Congrats goes to Alicia Fowler...now email me quick to confirm!  :)  Everyone else, thanks for entering, and keep watching for new giveaways (they may be sooner than you think *wink*).***

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