Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm Wild About Wildtree Omaha - Khristine

As you all know, lately I have been in a giveaway kind of mood; both submitting my jewelry for people to win as well as entering some to try to win items that I can then try and see if I like. The most recent item I won was some Strawberry Dark Chocolate Jam from Wildtree Omaha - Khristine.

If you don't know about Wildtree, you should. They make all natural foods, mixes, and seasonings that are great for us busy moms to use. They don't use any MSGs, preservatives, dyes, peanuts, additives, and are low in sugar and sodium. This is all very important to me as my son is very hyper all of a sudden, and I have begun to worry that food allergies may be the culprit ( it runs in the family). Also, after my dad had a heart attack last year, my whole family began rethinking our way of eating. So needless to say I was very excited to win and get a chance to try this company's food.

I received my jam very quickly, and as always, it didn't sit around very long before I had to try it. So I toasted up some bread, and slathered on this delicious smelling jam. At first bite I was hooked. There were big chunks of strawberries throughout, and the dark chocolate was not at all overpowering. It was more like just a hint of cocoa, which hit my taste buds at the end. Absolute perfection! I can just imagine how yummy this will be on my banana bread (don't worry, that recipe is coming soon).

The coolest thing is you can actually get stuff free! I'm sure you have all attended a candle party/tupperware party/lingerie party etc.  This is similar, but you can do it online.  If you contact Khristine about hosting a virtual party, she creates an event for you on her website.  Then you send an email to all your friends and family telling them about your online party.  All items ship directly to each person that orders and you can leave the party open for as long as you want.  Once you reach $200 in sales, you start getting discounts/freebies etc ( see the host promotion chart below that she let me borrow) including a free Host Promotion product (each month is different).

So for those of you who are looking for a great way to feed your family in a rush without having to sacrifice health and taste, you should really check it out!

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