Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spider Lollipop Treats

With my favorite holiday right around the corner, I just had to make one of the crafts I recently found on my Disney Family Fun craft app for my IPad. I tweaked it just a little bit, but my son just had a blast making it, and has actually for once not fought me to eat a lollipop. This is a great craft to do at a kids Halloween party, for your kid's class, or to do with your kids and pass out on Halloween night to all the trick or treaters. So get your bag of dum dums or tootsie pops ready and get to crafting! Materials: 1 round lollipop black tempera paint (non toxic) 4 black pipe cleaners 2 googly eyes glue Take your 4 pipe cleaners and lay them side by side. Place the lollipop in the center of the pipe cleaners, with the first one flush against the lollipop. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the lollipop stick two times, ending with four "legs" sticking out of each side. Bend the pipe cleaners so that they resemble spider legs. Paint the lollipop wrapper and exposed stick with the black paint. Let dry Once dry, glue the googly eyes onto the lollipop wrapper, and you now have an adorable spider that even my kid won't eat.

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