Friday, February 10, 2012

Florida Flamingo Valentines Cards

So, since it is almost Valentine's Day, I've been searching for a cute idea to post for a handmade unique Valentine.  Who would have thought I'd find in within the pages of my 2 year old's favorite magazine?  These adorable Flamingo Valentines are right up my alley...especially with us being based out of Florida.  So I had to share this with everyone out there.  The idea comes from Michelle Reyzer and the photo is by Mark Godfrey (Feb 2010 edition of Your Big Backyard by National Wildlife Federation).  Check them out, make them with your kids (or by yourself) as they are too cute to pass up!

What You Need:

-pink construction paper
-pink pipe cleaners
-pink feathers
-googly eyes
-black marker (thin)

What You Do:
 1. Cut out two matching heart shapes and one beak shape (a
     rounded triangle) from the construction paper.
 2. Bend one of the pipe cleaners into an "S" shape to make the
     flamingo's neck.  Glue the pipe cleaner to one heart.  Glue
     feathers to the same heart to make a tail.
 3. Glue the other two pipe cleaners to the bottom of the heart.
                                                                      Bend them to make legs.
                                                                 4. Write a valentine message on the other heart.
                                                                 5. Glue the second heart directly on top of the first heart
                                                                     (valentine's message up!).  This will cover the glued ends of
                                                                     the pipe cleaners and feathers.
                                                                 6. Color the tip of the beak black as shown.  Glue on the googly
                                                                     eye.  Then glue the beak to the end of the neck.  Fluff up the
                                                                     pipe cleaner neck, and your Flamingo Valentine is ready to

So Happy Valentine's Day to everyone from Working Mommy Is Redundant and Beachside Treasures!!

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